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Here at About Face, we pride ourselves on helping our clients enhance the natural beauty of their features by using permanent cosmetics.
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Areola Tattooing

There are many reasons why someone may need their areola tattooing, the most common reason being that they have had a mastectomy due to suffering from breast cancer. We can restore your areola and help you feel like you again.

Permanent Makeup

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How Can Permanent
Makeup Help Me?

There are many benefits to permanent makeup. You do not have to reapply or remove it; it does not smudge, so it is suitable for those who do a lot of strenuous exercises, and it is fantastic for clients who may suffer from dexterity or eyesight issues.
We offer a variety of permanent makeup services that include eyebrows, lips and eyes.


Hormonal changes can cause women to experience some hair loss. This can be very distressing as many women use their hair as their identity, and hair loss usually occurs by diffuse thinning across the scalp. With scalp micropigmentation we can conceal the hair loss making it practically unnoticeable.

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Take a read-through on how Robin restores cancer patients’ sense of self. An interesting read for those going through something similar and how Medical tattoos can change lives

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